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We are looking for bright mechanical engineer to lead a multidisciplinary project of design and integration.
The "right" candidate is an autodidact with good hands which loves a challenge.

The job includes:

  • Mechanical design

  • Integration of sensors into existing systems

  • Full development cycle from design to production

  • Taking part in week long sea trials


  • 2-5 years of relevant experience

  • Solidworks master

  • Experience in mechanical integration

  • Familiarity with production process

  • Marine experience (navy\boating\diving) - advantage


We are looking for talented and ambitious students to join our team.
Our lab is focused on applicable science, so the successful candidates will acquire a lot of "hands on" experience with different topics that are related to autonomous robotics, machine learning, programming and hardware design.
Additionally, as part of your research, you will have the opportunity to test your algorithms on real vehicles at sea.
Research fields: Autonomous platforms, Robotics Navigation systems, Control, Image and Signal processing, Deep Learning, communication and Fuzzy Logic.


We offer internship opportunities for students from various departments. 
We are looking for curious students which want to gain experience in different aspects of robotics. Such as: Software development (both high level and real time), Machine Learning, Communication, Board design and working with lab equipment. Mechanical aspects are also relevant such as: Mechanical design, propulsion, electronic packaging and more.

For more information and to submit your CV:

Open Positions: Open Positions
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